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missing puzzle piece I Missed a Class!  Now What?

Things happen.  It could be that you overslept, your car broke down, or you didn't have money for gas.  Your child may have gotten sick overnight.  All of these things can give you a good reason to miss class. You didn't plan on these things, you can't.  But they happen.  What do you do now?  

Step One:  Contact Your Instructor

It's OK.  It is always best to contact your instructor in advance, if possible.  However, your instructor is a person who realizes that life is complex and doesn't get any easier because a person decides to become a college student.  

Contact your instructor via email, phone, or stop by his/her office to find out what you missed.  

Success Tip:  Don't ask "Did I miss anything".  Ask "What did I miss?". 

Each instructor works diligently to plan and structure each class meeting in such a way as to allow students to get the most from their time in class.  If you ask, 'Did I miss anything?', there could be an implied message that you don't normally get anything out of class.  Some instructors may find that question insulting.  

Step Two:  Get the Missed Notes and Assignments

The missed information may be found on Moodle or you may need to contact another student in the class to get his/her notes to allow you to get that information before the next class period. 

Success Tip:  Introduce yourself to another person in the class in the first couple of class meetings.  Make arrangements to allow you to share information should one of you need to miss an occasional class.  Be sure to exchange contact information if you feel comfortable. 

Step Three:  Dedicate the Time to Catch Up

Getting a copy of the notes and visiting with your professor are both good things to do.  If you don't dedicate the time to learn the material you missed and become very familiar with it, getting the missed material is a waste of your valuable time.  

Success Tip:  Rewrite your notes in your notebook to allow you the opportunity to read them and write them in a focused way.  Make a list of questions you have after reading the notes. Make an appointment to discuss your questions with your instructor.  

Step Four: Work to Reduce Your Chances of Missing Class Again

Whatever the reason you had to miss class, there is likely a way to avoid it occurring again.  If you had a flat tire, you may want to plan to have regular tire inspections and maintenance.  If you ran out of gas, you may want to work to budget your driving to allow you to have the gas that's needed to go to class.