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Making Class Time Count

You know you are supposed to go.  You know you are supposed to participate.  Despite your best efforts to go and participate, you leave wondering if it was worth your time.  

The instructor was there and presented the content but you're walking out unchanged by what you heard and experienced. You feel like there must be something you're missing because everyone advises you to not miss class.  

How Can You Get More Out of Class Time?  

1. Skip the Back Row

If you sit on the back row, you have added numerous distractions between you and the instructor.  Each chair and each person is a potential distraction to keep you from learning.  Sitting toward the front of the room eliminates some of those distractions.  

2. Be Focused

Be mentally present in the class.  Don't be monitoring your text messages and social media.  Focus on the information being presented.  Ask questions.  Be engaged and focused.  

3. Come Prepared

Read the content for the next class before coming to class.  Complete your homework.  Have a list of questions written to ask your instructor during class to help you as you continue learning. Ask specific questions.  Don't just say "I don't understand."  A better question would be "I don't understand how you calculate the number of Kilocalories per gram of fat."

4. Take Notes

Take a lot of notes.  Consider using Cornell Notes to assist you as you work. 

Information on this page is based on 10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades (while studying less) by Thomas Frank.