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its in the syllabus comic strip 

The syllabus is an important document that can help you:

Find specific information

  • Professor's name, office hours and location, phone number, and email address
  • Your professor's preferred way for you to communicate with him/her
  • Course objectives (These are really important)
  • List of reading material and assignments
  • Grading policies, such as class participation points, extra credit, penalties for late work, or missing class, etc.
  • Important dates for assignments, readings, quizzes, tests, projects, etc.
  • OCCC policies
  • Your professor's expectations regarding class behavior and cell phone use

Find course assignments

  • Check it at the beginning of each week for due dates
  • Refer to it for required readings and other assignments
  • Plan your semester by putting due dates in a planner or calendar


Keep a copy of your syllabus!  You will need it if you transfer to another institution and need to show the content that you learned in the courses you took at OCCC.