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Logging in to Your OCCC Student Email

Viewing Your OCCC Student Email

After you’ve logged into your email account, your email page will load. This page is separated into three separate sections, or panes.

The left pane gives you a list of how many unread emails are present in your inbox, and in which folders those emails are located.

left pane

The above example shows two unread emails in the inbox folder. Clicking on the name of a folder in the left pane will select it and display all of the emails that are present in that folder in the middle pane.

Emails in inbox

You can view details about the emails in your inbox in the middle pane. Unread emails, such as the first two listed in the previous screenshot, will appear with blue text in the subject line, and a blue bar on the left edge. Emails that you have previously viewed are marked as “read”, and will appear with black subject text and no blue bar on the right edge.

In this area, you will see who sent the email, the subject of the email, the time it was sent, and the first few words of the email’s content.

Sample email as displayed in middle pane

Selecting an email in the middle pane will load the email’s content in the right pane and mark the email as “read”. This makes it easy to keep track of which emails you’ve looked at already, and which you have not yet read.

Once you’ve selected an email, you can read its content in the right pane.

sample email as seen in right pane

In the top left of the pane you will see The subject of the email, who sent it, when they sent it, and who received it. In this case a sample account “Justin Example”, was the only recipient, but if the email was sent to more than one person, generally their name will appear in this area along with your own.

Below that, we see the message of the email to read and review. Notice the layout of the message. Complete sentences and proper grammar are used. It is important to remember to use complete sentences and proper grammar when composing your own emails because it is easy to be misunderstood online.

In the upper right, we see the reply option.

reply options

This can be used to send a reply to the sender and, if desired, other people who were sent a copy of the email. Those steps are covered in the Replying to and Creating New Email Messages resource.