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Change Your View of Learning

Is This You When You Think About School/Classes? 

  • Memories of unpleasant class experiences
  • Negative attitude about education
  • Memories of failures
  • Learning has always been difficult so why wouldn't it be now?
  • Low academic expectations of yourself 
  • Others don't expect much from you in college
  • Belief that succeeding academically takes too much time and work

If you have had negative experiences in the past, now is the time to change.  You are in control of your experiences.

Your perceptions about learning come from past experiences.

Good experiences = good thoughts about learning

Bad experiences =bad thoughts about learning

You can change your thoughts about learning by creating situations that lead to positive learning experiences.

Make This the New You!

  • Thoughts of pleasant academic experiences
  • Positive attitude about education
  • Positive memories of past academic success
  • Finding that learning has become easier and more enjoyable
  • High expectations for your academic success
  • Others expect you to succeed in college
  • Belief that it is possible to succeed academically and it will be worth the effort

How Can You Make the Change? 

  • Attend class and be actively involved.  For online courses, log in multiple times per week. 
  • Read, take good notes using the Cornell method, and study the notes
  • Choose a study method such as note cards or SQ3R, and stick with it
  • Mix up your practice by spacing out learning.  Regular study sessions are far more effective than cramming.  Set aside time specifically for studying every day. 
  • Practice retrieving new learning from memory.  Ask yourself questions about the material and answer from memory. This is called self-testing.  Make the testing situation as similar to the real test as possible.  
  • Monitor and adjust your learning.  After tests or assignments, think about what you did well and repeat it.  Notice areas that didn't go so well and try a different strategy.  Seek help when needed. 


  • If you change your attitude and thinking, you can change your future
  • A positive attitude is everything
  • Develop a mindset that you can and will learn new things