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Expectations of a College Student

Walking into college during those first days can be an overwhelming experience.  A college operates differently than any other educational entity or workplace.   As a result, it can be a challenge to determine what is expected of a student. 

Get Started Well

It is important for college students to make a good impression right from the start.  Whether in the classroom with professors and peers; through assignments, projects, and tests; or using the computer for an online class or to send e-mail messages, a first impression is valuable.  

1. Be on Time

Being late does not make a good impression.  While occasionally it can't be helped, often times with a bit of good planning it can be avoided. 

  • If your class is online, log into class on the first day and log in often so that you are aware of due dates and communications from your instructor. 
  • Turn in assignments by the deadlines

2.  Say it Right from the Beginning

Anyone who is teaching at OCCC has earned a degree and can be referred to as professor.  It is appropriate to refer to them as "Professor" or "Professor Lastname".  Dr. is used as an honorific if the person has a doctorate degree.  Dr. Lastname would be an appropriate way to address this person. When in doubt, start with Professor Lastname unless you know the person has a doctorate degree, and in that case, use Dr. Lastname.  If you are unsure how to address someone, it is perfectly fine to ask them what they prefer.

3.  Be Respectful

  • Turn off your cell phone before class begins
  • Tell your instructor if you must arrive late or leave early
  • If you have comments or need to talk, visit with your instructor during office hours
  • Do all that your instructor asks you to do and do it well
  • Take responsibility for your attendance, participation, and learning in the course
  • Do not cheat or help others cheat

4. Be Prepared

  • Take notes on lectures and readings
  • Keep up on all assignments and activities
  • Manipulate class notes to improve understanding
  • Spend at least two hours outside of class for every one hour of class time

5.  Be attentive

  • Listen and read actively
  • Participate in discussions
  • Focus during videos and presentations
  • Avoid distraction

6. Online Communication

How you interact with your instructors online is important as well. Review these Tips for Contacting Instructors through your OCCC Student email.