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The purpose of the STEMVet program is to help support veterans in the pursuit of their educational dream.  The STEMVet program will focus on three key areas in order to assist veterans in their college career—recruitment, support services and assistance with transferring to complete their four-year degree. The STEMVet program will also provide opportunities for veterans majoring in STEM programs to meet others in the field they are pursuing.  

To read more about the grant provided by Boeing please click here.

Recruitment for the STEMVet program begins Spring 2019...

In order to qualify for STEMVet, you must be a 1) first year student enrolled in a Associate degree/Certificate of Mastery program here at OCCC 2) be a member of the US Military (active or discharged) and 3) majoring in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math) program.  

Examples of STEM Majors:
Automotive Technology
Computer Science
Unmanned Vehicle Systems

STEMVET Member Application

f you have questions whether you meet the qualifications for the STEMVet program, please call Student Accessibility and Support at 405-682-7520.  

Want to be a STEMVet Mentor?

The minimum qualifications to be a STEMVet mentor are Degree in STEM program or a student with a STEM major. Must have at least completed basic general education classes and a minimum of one STEM related course. Preferably a Veteran who has a degree in a STEM field.

Become a STEMVet Mentor/Tutor