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Health Careers

So, you've decided on a career in Medicine. Good for you! You've chosen to pursue a noble profession where your talents, skills and knowledge can be used for the benefit of humanity. OCCC can offer you quality education leading to careers in a number of different medical specialties.

The medical education programs offered at OCCC fall into two broad categories. First, we can offer you programs leading to an Associate in Applied Science degree, sometimes called Immediate Job Entry programs. After approximately two years of training, you ll be fully competent to begin direct employment.

The second broad category of programs is designed for students who wish to earn an Associate in Science degree at the community college and then transfer to a university for advanced training. Within this category are medical specialties which require a Bachelors degree, a Masters degree, or even more advanced training.

Several of the programs offered at OCCC are operated in conjunction with area technical centers. Be aware that admission to some of the programs is competitive and special admissions requirements are involved. If you've selected a medical specialty and cannot find it on the list, don't despair! At OCCC, we can custom-design a program for you using our Diversified Studies program option.

Finally, we suggest you come to the college for a visit. Meet with our quality faculty and counselors who are committed to your success. We can also offer you a comprehensive financial-aid package if the cost of your education is a concern.

Immediate Job-Entry Programs


Most programs included in the following list can be completed in two academic years some offer a one year certificate as well. Several programs include training in medical facilities as well as classroom and laboratory instruction. Admission to some programs includes special requirements including the completion of prerequisite coursework.

Programs offered by OCCC:

See more information on Health Programs at OCCC at Division of Health Professions

Programs offered in conjunction with local technology centers:

For information on these programs, please call the number shown or contact one of the counselors located in Advising and Career Services.



These programs are designed for students who plan to enter a medical career after finishing their training at the university level. You can earn an Associate Degree at OCCC while completing your general education and basic sciences courses. Full-time students usually complete their community college education in two years. After graduating from OCCC, you are ready for the competitive process of gaining admission to the various university programs in health care.

*If your chosen specialty is not listed, we can design a Diversified Studies program for you that meets the requirements of both the Associate Degree and the admissions criteria of your transfer university.

For information on these programs, please contact the Division of Science, Engineering and Mathematics at 682-7598 or one of the counselors located in Advising and Career Services.