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SCMS Student Testimonials

Jeremy reading at Postive Tomorrow Ben: Without the mentorship program, I would still be working a minimum wage job, headed nowhere; I never would have heard the words “I’m proud of you”; I never would have seen examples of the kind of responsible man I could be; and I wouldn’t be completing my bachelor’s degree at UCO and entering a master’s program this fall. I am a walking example of how this program can change someone’s life direction.

Patrick:  I have been introduced to people I never thought I would meet before, and I have gained an urge to do better academically and one day be in a position of influence like my mentors.

Maleek: I used to come to campus, go to class, and leave right after my class was over. After joining this program, I found myself staying at school longer and wanting to be active in school events as well as stay on campus to do homework. This program has inspired me to be great. Our mentors and leaders in this program are literally here for us whenever we need them. Having that kind of support is a wonderful feeling. It makes you want to be nothing less than successful.

Dominique: The SCMS program has far exceeded any expectations of making connections. This year alone I have gained a substantial amount of friendships and professional contacts. I visit the Capitol regularly to intern for Senator Anastasia Pittman. She invites me with open arms to follow her around to events, fundraisers, speaking engagements, and around the Capitol to see how Oklahoma government works from the inside.

Todd:  Before I joined the SCMS program, I was just doing mediocre work and not really putting effort towards my classes. When I realized how my peers operated and felt about their education, it boosted me to want to improve and not to just pass, but exceed expectations. Personally, I feel like a different person from when I first attended OCCC. Without this group, I don’t know if I would have done this well on my own. I want to continue to improve and strive for greatness.

Rylee:  Before I got into the program, my grades were on the verge of failing. It was when I got into the SCMS program that my academic success took off like a rocket. The support the program offers is something that is rare and I am very grateful for it. Every student wants to see everyone succeed. My attitude as a person has changed. I feel like I am a better man with a promising future ahead. If I didn’t get connected with the program, I have no doubt in my mind I wouldn’t be where I am today. The program has saved me in some aspect, and I am appreciative. I plan on becoming something great and the SCMS program has prepared me for my future.

Bryon with a groupBrevin:  The students in the SCMS program hold each other accountable with schoolwork, and tutor each other when we need help. Through the program, I have had the pleasure to learn from many professionals. I am also connected with faculty and staff on campus.  As an SCMS member, I have learned that everyone needs someone to lean on.

Daniel:  Without the motivation that the SCMS program provides, I probably would not have achieved my goal of a 4.0 GPA every semester I have been at OCCC.

Esteban:  This group of sophisticated young men not only influence me to better myself but to better each and every person who interacts with me. They have influenced me deeply to become a better individual and are teaching me how to become the man that I want to become in the future.

Jimmey:  SCMS is helping me grow to become a better college student, but also to become a better man through integrity, hard work, accountability, and caring for others.

Taylor:  When I first joined the SCMS program I did not know what to expect, but the focus of the program is to groom young men of color for success. My 4.0 GPA last semester shows just how much of an impact this program has had. It instills character in each and every one of us and provides a stable foundation for networking. When I reach my pinnacle, I’ll look back and always remember where I got my motivation and drive from. I will give credit to the SCMS program.

Westley:  The SCMS program makes me want to be better, and study harder because I know success is waiting for me. I used to have doubts before being in this program, but now I am on the right path and I will not fall off. This program has helped me start to become the man that I truly want to be.

Brandon:  As a first-generation college student, my understanding of the unique processes, and the untimely hurdles and barriers one must overcome in higher education is well underdeveloped. From the more austere issue of financial matters to the nuances of professionally presenting myself as a scholar, I have learned how to navigate these different corridors through the assistance of those involved in the SCMS program.