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Readmission to OCCC

Welcome Back to OCCC!

Students may file an application for readmission to OCCC if:

  • It has been more than one year since your last attendance as a degree seeking student at OCCC
  • If you have completed a degree at OCCC and it has been more than one year since your graduation

Materials Needed

  • Official transcript from every institution attended SINCE leaving OCCC

Suspended students

  • Students applying for readmission to OCCC and who have met the terms of their 1st suspension do not need to fill out this form. 
  • Students on 2nd suspension are not eligible for readmission until they have attended another accredited college or university and raised their cumulative or retention GPA above a 2.0. Students coming back from a 2nd suspension MUST stop by the Records and Graduation Services office to start the readmission process. Official transcripts are needed in order to start the readmission process. 

Readmission Application Form

Students needing to get readmitted may submit their Readmission application Readmission Form

It will take between 24 - 48 hrs for your OCCC student portal to be active. To check if your student portal is active please type and log in using your credentials. 

OCCC Portal Login information

User ID: or

Password: last 6 digits of SSN.  If you can’t log in with this,
use your Date of Birth in MMDDYY format (i.e. 062194)

Once your application has been processed you will receive an email to your OCCC student email account

If you have trouble accessing your account please contact OCCC at 405-682-7777

Recent OCCC Graduates

Student who recently graduated do not need to reapply, most likely all you need to do is request a new academic program. If you have graduated from OCCC within the last year, contact our office to see if you need to fill out the Readmission form. 

New Students

If you are a brand new student seeking admission to OCCC please visit Recruitment and Admissions