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OCCC Student Spotlight

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Aspen Zermeno

Choctaw, OK

Why did you choose OCCC?

I first choose OCCC to accomplish my basic college courses in the most affordable manner. It seemed like the smart choice, really.

Since I started, I’ve also become highly impressed with the number of ways OCCC encourages students and adults working toward their education. For example, OKC Go, all the financial aid packages and the veteran’s benefits are great programs.

If you have declared a major and are in a program – what do you like best about the program?

My major when I transfer to a four-year college will be archeology. I’m really just getting started, so I’m still taking mostly basic courses, but I’m excited to take classes that will apply to my major and my interest in Native American history, Egyptian history and archeology.

How has OCCC surprised you or differed from your expectations?

All the labs at OCCC are beneficial and fit everyone’s style of learning. OCCC also takes the, ‘how can I help you’ approach with Mine Online and Moodle. It’s easy to communicate with instructors through these “portals.”

How do you like your instructors?

The instructors I’ve had so far at OCCC have been great.

What are your plans following graduation?

After getting my associate degree from OCCC, I will for sure pursue my bachelor’s and maybe even my master’s degree in archeology from a four-year school.

Would you recommend OCCC to friends and if so, why?

Yes, I’d recommend OCCC to friends. It just makes sense, really, to start here where it’s small and affordable, and where you receive one on one time with your professors. OCCC takes into account our class and work schedules; they do their best to make it all fit.