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OCCC Student Spotlight

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Rebecca Walker

Oklahoma City, OK
Administrative Office Technology

Why did you choose to study at OCCC?

OCCC gave me a second chance. I earned my GED here through the college’s Career Transitions program, and now I’m on my way to a degree. The support we are offered here is amazing. I enjoy my tutors and I love Career Transitions.

What do you like best about your classes?

I’m learning how to use computer programs – all the programs I plan to use in the professional world.

What’s your favorite class?

Beginning Word – this class is introducing us to different styles of letter writing for the business world.

What do you like best about campus life?

In the Career Transitions program, we are here from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. no matter what. If I’m not in classes back to back, then I enjoy catching up with my friends I share class with – several of us are ‘in the same boat.’

I also take the time I have in-between classes to complete my homework. It’s top priority to make sure most – if not all of it – is completed before I leave for the day. 

 Has OCCC surprised you or differed from your expectations?

OCCC is more than I expected. It was scary, intimidating at first, but with the encouragement from instructors, tutors, and classmates, I know I can do this.

What are your plans following graduation?

After I get my associate degree in sociology from OCCC, I want to transfer to the University of Central Oklahoma. I want to get my bachelor’s degree there. Eventually I want to work in the non-profit sector or in law enforcement as a case worker.

Would you recommend OCCC to friends and if so, why?

Oh yes, I’d recommend OCCC to anyone starting out. I was recommended to come to OCCC by my mom who will graduate this spring. I’m very proud for her.

What advice would you offer to friends who are planning to enroll at OCCC?

My advice to friends planning to attend OCCC would be to use the resources they have available – there are so many. Also, join a group. Find where you belong so that you will stay on track. Make connections.