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OCCC Student Spotlight

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Nicole McKiel

Palm Springs, CA

Why did you choose OCCC?

I chose to attend OCCC because it was convenient for my situation, it had smaller class sizes and the cost of tuition was much lower than other schools I had considered.

What do you like best about your classes?

What I like most about my classes is the class size. This gives me more of an opportunity to interact with my professors and helps make learning easier.

What’s your favorite class?

My favorite class is General Biology. I had a great professor who made everything interesting and fun. I think her willingness to put in the extra effort to make the class more exciting really helped us to learn more.

If you have declared a major and are in a program – what do you like best about the program?

I have declared a major, nursing, but I have not applied to the program at OCCC. I am still in the process of completing my pre-requisites.

What do you like best about campus life?

What I like best about campus life is the easy going atmosphere. I like being able to hang out at the coffee shop or with friends.

What campus activities are you in/or have you been in involved in the past?

I have been involved with some of the organizations on campus and I am currently an officer in two organizations. I’ve also volunteered with Student Life’s Service Learning Program. It feels really nice to be able to give back to people in the community and know that you’ve helped to make a difference in someone’s life.

How has OCCC surprised you or differed from your expectations?

What has really surprised me about OCCC is all of the campus labs available to students. It’s so good to know that there is extra help available.

How to you like your instructors?

I have been fortunate to have really great professors during my time here. What I have found to be most consistent with my professors is their willingness to help students and their availability on campus.  

What are your plans following graduation?

After graduation I plan to work in my chosen field while continuing my education at a four year university. I would like to also earn my master’s degree in nursing.

Would you recommend OCCC to friends and if so, why?

I would definitely recommend OCCC to my friends because I love it here. It’s very affordable and I enjoy the atmosphere. I’ve meet a lot of great people during my time at OCCC.

What advice would you offer to friends who are planning to enroll at OCCC?

I would recommend my friends attend new student orientation because there is a lot of really good information and it gives you that extra confidence you need to succeed. I would also recommend the labs because it’s a great way to get extra practice or knowledge.

What else can you share about your academic experience?

My academic experience has been very exciting and I feel like I’ve gotten a lot out of the classes I have taken.

What are some of your hobbies outside the classroom? 

Some of the things I like to do outside of campus are reading and watching movies. I love being able to get lost in a book or movie; it’s very relaxing.