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Pokrastinators GO

Pokcrastinators GO logo

Pikachu, Charizard and Jigglypuff—virtual creatures that captured the imaginations, and attention spans, of Pokémon GO players across the world this summer. OCCC is hosting a unique enrollment event that encourages players to catch Pokémon while catching some college classes for the fall semester.
“Pokcrastinators GO” will be held on the main OCCC campus Wednesday, Aug. 10, through Saturday, Aug. 13. Each weekday from 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. the college will set off lures on the 10 PokéStops around the main building. On Saturday, lures will be set off during Opening Day from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. The purpose of the event is to encourage students to stop procrastinating and get enrolled for fall.
“It’s not unusual for students to wait until the last minute to enroll in college classes,” said Deirdre Steiner, OCCC director of public relations. “With the popularity of Pokémon GO and the amount of gyms and PokéStops on campus, we thought students would enjoy being able to play the game while taking care of tasks like enrollment, financial aid and getting advised.”
The fall semester begins August 15. This is the perfect to opportunity for students to get everything taken care of before classes start. As a bonus, people who come to campus during the event hours will also find that campus offices are less busy than the normal peak time lunch hours.

We ask that you limit your visits to the established college operating hours. Please remember that some areas are private, and no Pokémon will be in these areas.


We’ve identified every Pokéstop on campus in the map below. Click the map to view a tour of their locations, or click here.

Pokemon Go map

Pokémon Gyms

Pokemon Gym

Pokemon Gym

Pokemon Gym


Pokéstop Locations

Having trouble finding a specific location? Check out a photo of each Pokéstop.

Pokestop 4
Outside by Flags
Pokestop 1
MB Stairs 1st Floor
Pokestop 6
Courtyard 4th Panel
Pokestop 5
Entrance Hallway Entry 1 SSC
Pokestop 7
Mosaic Picture Outside of 1A3 English & Humanities Office
Pokestop 9
Mosaic Picture Inside of English & Humanities Office
Pokestop 10
Inside East Entrance in VPAC
Pokestop 11
Inside VPAC across from room 159
Pokestop 13
Courtyard Between Arts & Humanities & Library
Pokestop 14
North entrance to Libray
Pokestop 2
Pokestop 3
74th Entrance
Pokestop 8
North side of A&H
Pokestop 12
North entrance to VPAC
Pokestop 15
May Ave. entrance