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Resources for Online Students

You are not alone!

Online students have the flexibility to work in their courses at times that best fit each person's schedule within the week.  This is one of the benefits of an online course.  However, this flexibility can lead to some feelings of being out on an island alone as you work to learn and study.  OCCC works very hard to support our students, regardless of the format in which a class is taken.  Our online students take classes from a variety of locations but have access to supports just like they were taking a course inside one of our buildings.  We are committed to your success!  This page lists a variety of resources that are available to help you as you learn and acquire new skills.  If you think of a resource that needs to be added to this page, email us! We'll be glad to add things to our page!  If there is a resource you wish you had, let us know that too!  OCCC is committed to providing the resources our students need to be successful!

Virtual Learning Center

OCCC Student Labs (Free help and tutoring!)

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GradeResults (Free tutoring!)

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