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OCCC to Offer Python Programming Class

Python language is infrastructure beneath many popular apps

    (Published: 06-17-20)

A campus shot of OCCC

Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) will offer an Introduction to Scripting course with a focus on the Python programming language. Python is one of the more popular coding languages and is the back-end language that powers popular applications including Instagram, Google, Spotify, Netflix, Uber, Dropbox and Pinterest. 

“Python is truly one of the most important and powerful tools a coder can learn,” said John Claybon, Dean of OCCC’s Business Information and Technology division. “We’re really excited to offer this opportunity to aspiring coders and developers in our community.”

Oklahoma City Community College’s fall classes begin August 17, and due to COVID-19, the college will offer a mix of in-person, online-only and hybrid classes to help meet students on their terms and at their comfort levels. In 2019, OCCC switched from traditional 16-week semesters to dual eight-week terms, allowing students to focus on fewer classes at a time, and complete classes in a shorter time frame.

Interested students should visit for more information, and to apply and enroll.