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OCCC Named No.2 Nursing Program in Oklahoma

Second Annual Distinction from

    (Published: 10-30-20)

Nurses working in class

Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) was named the #2 Nursing Program in Oklahoma, according to, a respected industry site that helps prospective nurses navigate the career path, determine colleges and find jobs. This is the second consecutive year OCCC has been awarded this highly-coveted distinction.

“The central focus of our program – the patient – drives everything we do,” said Shelley Miller, MSN, RN, OCCC’s Nursing Program Director. “Mutual respect, compassion, accountability and preparation are not only highly valued, but expected attributes of our faculty and students alike. These shared goals create a positive collaborative learning environment which inspires everyone to do their very best.”

OCCC’s #2 ranking puts it in the company of other exceptional nursing programs in the state, including Oklahoma Baptist University (#1), The University of Oklahoma’s Health Sciences Center (#3), The University of Oklahoma - Tulsa (#4), The University of Central Oklahoma (#5). The only other community college in the top 10 is Rose State College (#9). OCCC’s first-time NCLEX pass rate is above 97 percent, and 99 percent of general employers surveyed say they would hire an OCCC graduate again.

“The rankings are a testament to the quality of healthcare education across our state,” said Miller. “We’re honored to be ranked #2, of course, but we are successful when our friends and colleagues at all the other colleges and universities across Oklahoma are successful, too. We make each other, and all our students, better.”

Oklahoma City Community College enrolls around 17,000 students annually. Thousands more are served in non-credit classes and programs. The college has more than 60 fields of study and offers associate degrees, certifications and leadership opportunities.

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