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OCCC Receives Large Automotive Donation from General Motors

New Vehicles to Aid Students in Automotive Service Education Program

    (Published: 11-19-20)


Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) today announced a significant donation of vehicles to its Automotive Service Education Program (ASEP) by General Motors (GM). The college received 11 Chevy and GMC 2019 diesel half-ton trucks, each with a 3-liter inline 6 diesel engine, a new offering from GM. This donation ensures OCCC’s automotive tech students are learning on the late-model vehicles and that they’re able to head straight into a new career with relevant experience.

“New vehicles in our department stir excitement from both students and teachers,” said OCCC’s Automotive Department Chair Brad Walker. “These new pickups from GMC and Chevy will get out students interested in those products, and significantly, will allow them to see a direct link between their academic programs and their real-life careers yet to come.”

OCCC has been a General Motors Automotive Service Education Program school for over 25 years. As a leader in the automotive tech career in Oklahoma and the region, OCCC maintains partnerships with several vehicle manufacturers, and when it receives donations from those partners, the college will often – as it will again this time – donate seven of its vehicles to other partner schools and career tech centers in the area, and keep four at OCCC.

“We want students across Oklahoma to see the value of a career in automotive,” said Walker. “High school and college students alike should see and be excited about these kinds of opportunities.”

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