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Kognito uses virtual simulations to help us safely gain experience in supporting those dealing with depression and suicide.

Strengths of Kognito Training

  • Only takes approximately 45 minutes to complete
  • It is as easy as having a conversation
  • Learn to lead critical mental health conversations
  • Help learn to prevent suicide, the second most common cause of death among college students
  • Provides input on your performance to help you learn more effectively
  • Uses emotionally responsive virtual humans to provide a more accurate simulation

Personal testimony 

As someone who is currently training to be a professional counselor, I found Kognito to be a great way to get some basic training in helping others. It offers a safe and relatively low stress environment to learn how to best be sensitive to those struggling with their mental health and how to assist them in seeking the help they need. – Landon M. Sikes, SAS Counseling Intern.

Reinforcing Statement

According to the American College Health Association roughly half of all college students surveyed in 2019 felt so depressed that it was difficult to function over the past 12 months and  over 10 percent of students seriously considered suicide. By taking part in Kognito training you can better equip yourself to help others seek the mental health help they need. By taking only ~45 minutes of your day to have a conversation within the Kognito simulation you can not only learn how to better handle these vital moments but become a key figure in helping those around you receive the counseling they deserve.

Trigger Warning

The content of this training can be emotionally triggering for some people. If you are triggered in any way during the training or you just want to talk with someone, we are here for you. OCCC has free, confidential counseling services for all students at the Office of Student Accessibility and Support.

Although, this training is important, if the topic of suicide causes too much distress, please take care of yourself by taking breaks as necessary or, if need be, do not participate in the training.

To set a counseling appointment, call Student Accessibility and Support (405) 682-7520, email,  or use the Navigate app or website. 

Faculty and staff may contact SupportLinc at 1-888-881-LINC (5462) or visit (username: OCCC), for counseling.

Start Kognito Training

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