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F-1 Visa Information

Once in the United States, it is your responsibility to maintain your status as an F-1student.  Failure to maintain your status as an F-1 student can result in termination of your I-20.

Please please make sure:

  • Upon arrival, please fill in the form, “International Student Check-in”.
  • Pick up your new I-20 at the Recruitment and Admissions Office within 10 days after submission of the form. You must pick up your new I-20 within 30 days of school beginning.
  • Attend your mandatory International Student Orientation.

Update your DSO about: change of program or personal information no later than 10 days after the change:

Passport and I-20

  • Please make sure your passport is valid, with 6 months of validity recommended. Your I-20 must be valid and registered as well.
  • For an extension of I-20, you will need to fill out the “Extension of Stay” Form


  • Be aware that your visa must be active when travelling out of the USA.
  • To obtain a new visa, you will need to leave the USA and visit a consulate or embassy.


  • Check your I-94 status every time you enter the USA.
  • Upon entry, make sure the CBP officer stamps and writes F-1/DS on your passport

Full-time Enrollment

  • Be aware that you must be enrolled in 12 credit hours in fall and spring semester, 9 of which must be in traditional, in-class and on campus. If summer is your first semester, you must be enrolled in 6 hours; otherwise, it will be optional.
  • Classes taken for audit (AU) or withdrawn/administrative withdraw (W/AW) will NOT count towards full-time enrollment
  • You must talk to a DSO before you drop any courses under any circumstances. DSOs are here to help you on your journey toward graduation.

Full-time Enrollment Exceptions

  • You are studying in the final semester of your program
  • If you, personally, have a medical condition that requires reduction of course load. This process needs a letter from a doctor, explaining the reason. Fill out the form Reduce Course Load:

Employment Authorization

  • Be aware that F-1 students are allowed to work only on campus for maximum of 20 hours per week. See Available positions.
  • In order to obtain employment authorization for an off-campus job, you will need to be approved by your designated school official and USCIS.

When traveling outside of the USA, make sure you take following documents:

  • Your current I-20 with a travel signature by a DSO on the second page; for a signature, please visit Recruitment and Admissions Office. No appointment required.
    • Valid passport
    • Valid F-1 visa
    • Signed I-20 (travel endorsed on the second page)

Other things to remember:

Health plan: it is preferable for all international students to have medical health insurance. Medical treatment is expensive in the USA. Insurance providers.

Payment: please make sure payment of tuition fees, books and living cost are all taken care of. Contact Bursar’s Office by calling 405-682-7825 for additional information.