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Geting your bachelor's degree can get expensive. Save thousands of dollars and gain work authorization by earning an associate degree first.

Estimated tuition for one semester at OCCC is $4,000 (based on 12 credit hours).

One credit hour costs $314.73.

Be aware that tuition is subject to change and depends on your program, major, etc.

Non-Residents of Oklahoma:

Resident Tuition $100.84 per credit hour
Non-Resident Tuition $191.70 per credit hour
Student Activity Fee $7.15 per credit hour
Facility Use Fee $14.30 per credit hour
Student Technology Fee $5.00 per credit hour
Assessment Fee $1.00 per credit hour
Library Fee $2.00 per credit hour
Security Fee $5.00 per credit hour
TOTAL $326.99 per credit hour

Additional and special fees:

Science Lab Fee: $20.00 per course

On-Campus Exam/Advanced Standing Testing Fee: $5.00 per credit hour

Applied Music Lessons Fee: $125.00 per credit hour

  • Private music lessons for credit are designed for degree-seeking students; these degree-seeking students must pay tuition, educational program fees, and this applied music lessons fee.

Non-Credit Music Lessons Fee: $180.00

  • Non-credit private music lessons are designed for students who are seeking self-enrichment.

American College Testing (Local/Residual): $35.00

CLEP Examinations: $70.00

New Student Application/Records Processing Fee: $30.00

International Student Status Maintenance Fee:

Fall/Spring $20.00 per semester

Summer    $15.00 per semester

  • This fee will be charged to international students to cover costs of processing immigration documents and monitoring student enrollments in compliance with United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) regulations.

Electronic Media Fee : $12.00 per credit hour 

  • This fee is charged to online, web-enhanced and telecourse students to offset the cost of offering this type of instruction.