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Strategic Plans

Strategic plans are five-year plans that outline the big goals, major initiatives, and the College's ENDs statements for the next five years. The ENDs statements pinpoint how the College will determine success. 

Renewal, Change, and Innovation 2019-2023

Roadmap 2014-2018

Annual Plans

Annual plans occur each year and detail the Core Indicators that are used to chart the progress the College has made on accomplishing the ENDS statements in the strategic plan. Annual plans directly align with the strategic plan. 

FY 2021 Annual Plan

FY 2020 Annual Plan

FY 2019 Annual Plan

FY 2018 Annual Plan

FY 2017 Annual Plan

FY 2016 Annual Plan

FY 2015 Annual Plan

FY 2014 Annual Plan

FY 2013 Annual Plan

FY 2012 Annual Plan