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OCCC Faculty

Liz Largent

Professor of Leadership and Critical Thinking
Division of Arts, English, and Humanities
Programs: Leadership and Critical Thinking

Courses Taught

HUM2163:  Leadership Studies
PHIL1123: Critical Thinking
SCL1001 and 1003:  Success in College & Life
PSY1001:  Career Exploration

PSYCH2301:  Career Exploration (Pittsburg State University)
UGS1002:  First Year Experience (Pittsburg State University)
SOC3823:  Valuing Differences (Central Missouri State University)
UNIV1001:  New Student Orientation (Central Missouri State University)


Professor Largent earned a bachelor's degree in journalism from Oklahoma State University, a master's in college student personnel administration at the University of Central Missouri, a PhD in adult learning and educational administration at the University of Oklahoma, and a graduate certificate in online teaching technology and curriculum development at OSU.  Professor Largent is currently working on a second graduate certificate in composition studies at Indiana University.

As a first generation college student, Professor Largent says she could never have imagined earning any college degree, much less a doctoral degree.  Like many O-Triple-C students, who are also first in their families to attend college, Professor Largent spent the first few semesters in college worried about finances, coping with insecurities about her academic abilities and afraid to ask questions.  Professor Largent considers working as a professor with O-Triple-C students an honor, which comes with great responsibility.  In the words of the great educator, John Dewey, she believes, “If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.” 

faculty name

Phone: 405-682-1611 ext. 7401
Office location: AH 2F2(B)
Office hours:

Office Hours vary each semester. Please contact professor or division office for current hours.

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