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OCCC Faculty

Angela Cotner

Professor of English
Division of Arts, English, and Humanities
Programs: English

Courses Taught

English Composition 1
English Composition 2
Introduction to Ethics
Introduction to Philosophy
Success in College and Life


Growing up in Cherokee County, Oklahoma, Angela Cotner learned much from her parents, both natural teachers. From her mother, she learned how to cook and gained a love for reading. From her father, she learned all the essential bits for growing up in the country—how to drive a tractor, how to change a tire, and how to shoot an arrow into a bale of hay.

Ms. Cotner began her college education intending to teach high school English and received a bachelor's degree in English Education from Northeastern State University.  Not finding a teaching job right out of college, she, instead, began work on a master's degree in American Studies—a combination of American literature and American history.  While in graduate school, she began a teaching assistantship, immediately falling in love with it and knowing she wanted nothing more than to teach college classes.  

Eventually going to law school, Ms. Cotner gain invaluable research and writing skills that continue to help her until this day.  After attending the University of Oklahoma College of Law and practicing law for a short time, she knew she wanted to return to the college classroom. She began her OCCC career as an adjunct professor in 2003 before becoming a full-time professor in 2010.

To her there is no better job than being a college professor.  She enjoys teaching students new ways of looking at issues and approaching problems in philosophy courses, as well as teaching students critical thinking and organizational skills in composition and Success courses.

Angela Cotner

Phone: (405) 682-1611 x7238
Office location: Arts and Humanities Center - Room 3E5
Office hours:

Office Hours vary each semester. Please contact professor or division office for current hours.

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