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OCCC Departments

Academic Affairs 405-682-7546
Accounting Lab 405-682-1611 x7286
Alumni Relations 405-682-1611 x7478
Arts, English, and Humanities, Division of 405-682-7558
Biology/Science Center 405-682-1611 x7269
Bookstore 405-682-7510
Bursar's Office (Student Accounts Receivable) 405-682-7825
Business and Information Technology, Division of 405-682-7888
Cadaver Lab 405-682-1611 x7322
Campus Police 405-682-7872
Career Transitions Program 405-682-7844
Center for Learning and Teaching  405-682-7838
Cooperative Alliance Programs 405-682-7822
Emergency Planning and Risk Management 405-682-1611 x7148
EMT Lab 405-682-1611 x7641
Energy Conservation 405-682-1611 x7756
Equal Opportunity and Title IX Coordinator 405-682-7850
Evening/Weekend Administrator 405-682-7553
Facilities Management 405-682-7554
Food Service 405-682-1611 x7232
Graduation, Employment and Transfer Services 405-682-7519
Grants and Contracts 405-682-7856
Human Resources 405-682-7542
Health Professions, Division of 405-682-7507
Environmental Health and Safety Program 405-682-1611 x7148
Information and Instructional Technology Services 405-682-7864
Institutional Advancement 405-682-7591
Institutional Effectiveness 405-682-7577
Instructional Video Services 405-682-1611 x7349
Intramural Desk 405-682-1611 x7786
Library 405-682-7564
Marketing and Public Relations  405-682-7590
Math Lab 405-682-1611 x7291
Moodle Student Tech Support  
Nursing Campus Clinical Lab 405-682-1611 x7663
OCCC Foundation 405-682-7591
Pathways Middle College 405-682-7840
Physical Science Center 405-682-1611 x7711
Pioneer/Student Newspaper 405-682-1611 x7307
Purchasing 405-682-7593
Professional Development Institute 405-682-7562
Records and Graduation Services 405-682-7512
Recreation and Fitness 405-682-7860
Recruitment and Admissions 405-682-7580
Science, Engineering and Mathematics, Division of  405-682-7508
Social Sciences, Division of 405-682-7573
Student Accessibility & Support 405-682-7520
Student Affairs 405-682-1611 x7784
Student Computer Center 405-682-1611 x7397
Student Financial Support Services 405-682-7525
Student Life 405-682-7523
Student Organizations Office 405-682-1611 x7185
Student Success Advising 405-682-7535
Test Center 405-682-1611 x7321
Testing and Assessment Services 405-682-7531
TRiO Student Support Services 405-682-7865
Upward Bound 405-682-1611 x7625
Veteran's Services 405-682-1611 x7695 or x7694
Welcome Center 405-682-7553
Wellness Center Desk "Cage" 405-682-1611 x7310
World Languages and Cultures Center 405-682-7560
Writing Center 405-682-1611 x7379