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2021-2022 OCCC Catalog and Student Handbook

A Message from Interim President Dr. Jeremy Thomas...

We have a mantra here at OCCC, one I hope you’ll take to heart as you begin your time with us: 

Whoever you are and whomever you love, 
wherever you’ve been and wherever you’re going, 
you’re welcome here. 

I begin this message to you with that mantra for a simple reason: OCCC is an exceptional place to  become better educated in your field, but it is also one of the more unique and intentional places to  become a better person. Our mantra is aimed not just at ensuring you feel welcome here, but that you  join us in ensuring others feel welcome here, too. That takes empathy, and patience, and mutual  support. If it were easy or natural, we’d live in a much different world. It may sound cliche, but OCCC is  just as much a community as we are a college, and we believe there is so much to learn from both. Our  community is better with you in it, and we’re grateful you’re here. 

As you enroll in classes, determine your field of study and prepare for the academic experience ahead –  one that is sure to be challenging, new and different from what you’ve experienced before – don’t  forget to take measure of what success looks like to you. A degree or certificate from OCCC can  certainly help you make more money and move up in your field, but where I believe you’ll find even  more value from OCCC is in those life skills, moments and lessons you’ll gain while you’re here:  Kindness, generosity, resourcefulness, stewardship, leadership, empathy, healthy relationships, life-long  friends, great memories, and an exceptional college experience. 

Welcome to OCCC, indeed. We’re glad you’re here.