Courses by subject



Allied Health

Anesthesia Technology

Applied Mathematics


ART Hands On Fine Arts (Art, Mus, Jb, Or Engl 2003)

ART 1000 Special Topics in Visual Art

ART 1013 Art History: Prehistoric to Early Renaissance

ART 1023 Art History: Early Renaissance to Contemporary

ART 1053 Art Appreciation

ART 1123 Drawing I

ART 1183 Computer Drawing: Illustrator

ART 1190 Mosaics

ART 1203 Figure Drawing

ART 1213 Foundations I: Design and Color

ART 1233 Drawing II

ART 1243 Foundations II: 3D Design

ART 1363 Multimedia

ART 2000 Special Topics in Visual Art

ART 2013 Painting I

ART 2133 Serigraphy I (Silk Screen Printing)

ART 2143 Ceramics I

ART 2183 Painting II

ART 2190 Advanced Mosaics

ART 2233 Serigraphy II (Advanced Silk Screenprinting)

ART 2263 Ceramics II

ART 2373 Graphic Arts Illustration

ART 2533 3D Rendering and Design Visualization

ART 2573 Digital Painting

ART 2633 3D Animation and Special Effects

ART 2643 Video Production

ART 2700 Internship

ART 2821 Portfolio Development and Presentation


Automotive Technology

AT 1000 Special Topics

AT 1013 Automotive Student Success Initiative

AT 1153 Basic Automotive Fundamentals

AT 1204 A.S.E. Engine Performance

AT 1214 A.S.E. Engine Repair

AT 1224 A.S.E. Suspension and Steering

AT 1244 A.S.E. Brakes

AT 1304 GM Engine Repair

AT 1314 GM Electrical Systems

AT 1324 GM Engine Performance

AT 1334 GM Brakes

AT 1422 GM New Products I

AT 1612 A.S.E. Engine Performance

AT 1622 A.S.E. Engine Repair

AT 1632 A.S.E. Suspension and Steering

AT 1642 A.S.E. Brakes

AT 1652 A.S.E. Automotive Electives I

AT 1733 Body and Electrical Service

AT 1753 Under Vehicle Service

AT 1773 Powertrain Service

AT 2001 Career Experience

AT 2101 A.S.E. Certification

AT 2204 A.S.E. Manual Drive Trains

AT 2214 A.S.E. Automatic Transmissions/transaxles

AT 2224 A.S.E. Electrical Systems

AT 2234 A.S.E. Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

AT 2304 GM Suspension and Steering

AT 2314 GM Manual Drive Trains

AT 2324 GM Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles

AT 2334 GM Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

AT 2422 GM New Products II

AT 2612 A.S.E. Manual Drive Trains

AT 2622 A.S.E. Automatic Transmissions/transaxles

AT 2632 A.S.E. Electrical Systems

AT 2642 A.S.E. Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

AT 2652 A.S.E. Automotive Electives II

Banking and Finance

Biological Science

BIO Biological Science

BIO 0123 Concepts in Science (Biology Emphasis)

BIO 1011 General Biology Lab

BIO 1023 Introductory Nutrition

BIO 1113 General Biology (Non Majors)

BIO 1114 General Biology (Non Majors)

BIO 1124 General Biology I (Majors)

BIO 1134 General Biology II (Majors)

BIO 1204 History of Life On Earth

BIO 1314 Human Anatomy and Physiology I

BIO 1414 Human Anatomy and Physiology II

BIO 1514 Microbiology of Infectious Disease

BIO 2000 Special Topics

BIO 2102 Clinical Anatomy

BIO 2114 General Botany

BIO 2125 Microbiology

BIO 2203 Cell Biology

BIO 2215 General Zoology

BIO 2224 Invertebrate Zoology

BIO 2234 Human Physiology

BIO 2255 Human Anatomy

BIO 2324 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy

BIO 2343 Genetics and Man

BIO 2403 Ecology and Environmental Issues

BIO 2404 Ecology and Environmental Issues



Child Development

CD 1113 Basic Child Care I

CD 1123 Basic Child Care II

CD 1133 Advanced Child Care I

CD 1153 Advanced Child Care II

CD 1211 Parenting

CD 2000 Special Topics in Child Development

CD 2113 Introduction to Child Development

CD 2153 Introduction to Early Childhood Education

CD 2213 Child and Family in Society

CD 2223 Marriage

CD 2333 Curriculum and Play

CD 2353 Child Health, Safety and Nutrition

CD 2363 Guidance of Young Children

CD 2443 Language Literacy for Young Children

CD 2503 Human Sexuality

CD 2623 Supervised Laboratory

CD 2631 Curriculum Development and Application - Infant and Toddler

CD 2641 Curriculum Development and Application - Preschool

CD 2713 Infant/toddler Development and Educational Program

CD 2813 Early Childhood Center Personnel Development Management

CD 2833 Early Childhood Center Financial Planning and Management

Clinical Research Coordinator


Computer Science

CS 1000 Special Topics

CS 1103 Introduction to Computers and Applications

CS 1143 Beginning Programming

CS 1153 Introduction to Computing Technologies

CS 1333 Database Management Applications

CS 1343 Spreadsheet Applications

CS 1353 Computer Operating Systems

CS 1363 Digital Media Development

CS 1413 Computer Hardware

CS 1543 Introduction to Scripting

CS 2000 Special Topics

CS 2113 Computer Based Information Systems

CS 2123 Assembly

CS 2143 Digital Video Editing

CS 2153 Cloud Computing

CS 2163 Java

CS 2173 Oracle

CS 2183 Linux

CS 2193 Supporting Desktop Applications

CS 2223 Systems Analysis and Design

CS 2283 Introduction to Virtualization

CS 2303 Networking Technologies

CS 2363 C++

CS 2373 iOS Programming

CS 2403 Computer Support Services

CS 2413 Web Site Development

CS 2433 Digital Media Scripting

CS 2443 SQL Server

CS 2453 Visual Basic

CS 2463 Advanced Java

CS 2503 Network Administration

CS 2513 Client-Side Programming

CS 2553 Advanced Visual Basic

CS 2563 C#

CS 2573 Oracle Database Administration

CS 2610 Internship**

CS 2623 Server-Side Programming

CS 2703 Introduction to Cyber/Information Security

CS 2713 Principles of Information Security

CS 2723 Secure Electronic Commerce

CS 2743 Enterprise Security Management

CS 2753 Information System Assurance

CS 2763 Network Security

CS 2773 Secure System Administration and Certification

CS 2783 Cyber Forensics

Computer-Aided Technology

Digital Cinema Production

Digital Media Design

DMD Digital Media Design

DMD 1000 Special Topics in Digital Media Design

DMD 1013 Creativity and Design

DMD 1023 Introduction to Graphic Design

DMD 1033 Principles of Animation

DMD 1043 3D I

DMD 1053 Electronic Publishing: Indesign I

DMD 1063 Evolution of Video Game Design Technology

DMD 1133 Introduction to Macintosh

DMD 1153 Digital Photography

DMD 1183 Computer Drawing: Illustrator

DMD 1223 3D II

DMD 1233 2D Computer Animation

DMD 1513 Graphic Design

DMD 2000 Internship

DMD 2053 Electronic Publishing: Indesign II

DMD 2100 Advanced Special Topics

DMD 2143 Digital Video Editing

DMD 2153 Digital Photography II

DMD 2163 Photojournalism

DMD 2223 3D III

DMD 2253 Advertising Photography

DMD 2323 Publication Design

DMD 2353 Applied Graphic Design

DMD 2363 Portrait Photography

DMD 2633 3D Animation and Special Effects

DMD 2733 3D Character Design and Animation

DMD 2773 Image Editing: Photoshop I

DMD 2783 Image Editing: Photoshop II

DMD 2803 Portfolio Preparation and Presentation



AUTO FA Faculty Approved Automotive Elective(S)

BIO AH SUPP ELEC Pre-Bacc Allied Health (Biology) Support Electives

BIO MAJ ELEC Biological Science Major Elective

BIO PB SUPP ELEC Pre-Bacc (Biology) Support Electives

BIO SUPP ELEC Biology Support Electives

BUS MAJ ELEC Business (general option) Major Electives

BUS SUPP ELEC Business (general option) Support Electives

BUS VSM GE Business (Vehicle Service) Gen Ed Elective

BUS VSM SUPP Business (Vehicle Service) Support Electives

CAT GEN COMM OSRHE Approved Gen Ed Communications or English Course

CAT UAS SUPP ELEC Unmanned Aerial Systems Support Electives

CH PD SUPP ELEC Pre-Dentistry Support Electives

CH PM SUPP ELEC Pre-Med Support Electives

CH PP SUPP ELEC Pre-Pharmacy Support Electives

CH SUPP ELEC Chemistry Support Electives

CS Computer Science Elective

DCP ELEC Digital Cinema Production Approved Elective

ELEC Elective

ENGL Approved Literature Elective

ENGL2 Approved Literature Elective (Part One of 6 Hour Survey)

ENGR MAJ ELEC Engineering Major Electives

ENGR SUPP ELEC Engineering Support Electives

FA AT Faculty Approved Automotive Elective

FA BIO Faculty Approved Biological Science Elective

FA CAD CERT SUP ELEC CAD Faculty Approved Support Electives

FA COM Faculty Approved Communications Elective

FA ELEC Faculty Approved Elective

FA ENGL Faculty Approved Elective From Engl Or Com

FA ENGR Faculty Approved Engineering Elective

FA GEN Faculty Approved General Education Elective

FA GIS CERT ELEC GIS Faculty Approved Support Electives

FA GIS SUPP ELEC GIS Faculty Approved Support Electives

FA LANG1 Faculty Approved Elementary Language 1

FA LANG2 Faculty Approved Elementary Language 2

FA LANGI Faculty Approved Intermediate Language

FA MAJOR Faculty Approved Major Elective

FA MATH Faculty Approved Mathematics Elective

FA MATH1 Faculty Approved Mathematics That Meet Occc's Mathematics Proficiency Requirements

FA PHYS Faculty Approved Physical Science Elective

FA SCI Faculty Approved Science Elective

FA SUPPORT Faculty Approved Support Electives

FA UVS SUPP ELEC UVS Faculty Approved Support Electives

FG ELEC Faculty Guided Elective

GCOM Any Gcom Course

GEN ED Gen Ed Elective


GEN ED SCI ELEC General Education Science Electives

HIST ELEC History Elective

HIST SS ELEC History Social Science Electives

HIST SUPP ELEC History Support Electives

HUM Humanities Elective

HUM MAJOR Any Courses Taken From Hum, Engl (2123 Or Above), Or Phil Prefixes

HUM NON PHIL Non Phil Humanities

JB BRDC ELEC J&B Broadcasting Major Elective

JB BRDC SUPP ELEC J&B Broadcasting Support Elective

JB ELEC J&B Journalism Electives

JB MAJ ELEC J&B Journalism Major Elective

JB PR ELEC J&B Public Relations Electives

LANG Foreign Language

MAJOR Major Elective

MATH Any 1000 Level Math Course

MATH1 Mathematics That Meet Occc's Mathematics Proficiency

OCU GEN ED Ocu General Education Elective

OCU SUPP Ocu Support Elective

OSRHE Osrhe Approved General Education Communications Course

OSRHE1 Osrhe Approved General Education Communications Or English Course

PHIL Philosophy Elective

PHYS Any Physical Science

PHYS SC Any Physical Science Chosen From Astr, Phys, Chem, Or Geol Subject Areas

POL SCI Political Science Elective

PREED ELEC Pre-Education Electives

PSYCH Psychology Elective

SOC Sociology Elective

SOC SC Social Science Elective

SOC ST Social Studies Elective (Psy, Soc, Or Econ)

SUPP Guided Support Elective

SUPP ELEC Support Elective

UCO GEN ED Uco General Education Elective

UCO SUPP Uco Support Elective

Emergency Medical Sciences



ENGL 0106 College Preparation English I

ENGL 0111 English Composition Companion

ENGL 0203 College Preparation English II

ENGL 0233 Spelling/vocabulary Development

ENGL 1000 Special Topics

ENGL 1103 Multicultural English Composition I

ENGL 1113 English Composition I

ENGL 1123 Multicutural English Composition II

ENGL 1133 Critical and Efficient Reading

ENGL 1203 Business English

ENGL 1213 English Composition II

ENGL 1233 Technical Writing for the Workplace

ENGL 2000 Creative Writing

ENGL 2103 Humanities Composition

ENGL 2110 Readings

ENGL 2123 Introduction to Literature

ENGL 2133 Introduction to Poetry

ENGL 2143 Introduction to Grant Proposal Development

ENGL 2213 Creative Writing--Fiction

ENGL 2223 Creative Writing--Poetry

ENGL 2323 The Shakespeare Plays

ENGL 2333 Introduction to The Novel

ENGL 2343 The Short Story

ENGL 2353 Native American Literature

ENGL 2363 African American Literature

ENGL 2413 Women in Literature

ENGL 2423 Survey of World Literature I

ENGL 2433 Survey of World Literature II

ENGL 2543 Survey of English Literature I

ENGL 2653 Survey of English Literature II

ENGL 2773 Survey of American Literature I

ENGL 2883 Survey of American Literature II








Journalism and Broadcasting


Library Information Studies




MATH 0103 College Prep Math I

MATH 0203 College Prep Math II

MATH 0211 CPM II Workshop

MATH 0313 College Prep Math III

MATH 0333 Pilot College Prep Math

MATH 0481 Functions and Modeling Companion Lab

MATH 0501 Math 0501 Statistics or Contemporary Mathematics Companion Lab

MATH 0531 Math 0531 Pre-calculus Companion Lab

MATH 1000 Special Topics

MATH 1483 Functions and Modeling

MATH 1503 Contemporary Mathematics

MATH 1533 Pre Calculus and Analytic Geometry

MATH 1613 Trigonometry

MATH 1743 Calculus I for Business, Life Sciences, and Social Sciences

MATH 2000 Special Topics

MATH 2013 Introduction to Statistics

MATH 2023 Foundations of Geometry and Measurements

MATH 2104 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I

MATH 2123 Calculus II for Business, Life Sciences and Social Sciences

MATH 2213 Mathematical Systems

MATH 2214 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II

MATH 2314 Calculus and Analytic Geometry III

MATH 2413 Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations



Occupational Therapy Assistant


Physical Therapist Assistant


Political Science

President's Leadership Class

Prior Learning Assessment


Respiratory Care Therapist



Speech-Language Pathology Assistant

Success in College and Life

Theatre Arts

World Languages