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About Us

With the goal of serving the urban, mostly Hispanic community of Capitol Hill in Oklahoma City, the OCCC Capitol Hill Center has continually explored ways to enrich its programming and better serve community residents. The center is recognized as a leader in building on the social assets of this diverse community and collaborating with other community organizations to promote educational development and economic growth.

Since its inception in 2000, the OCCC Capitol Hill Center has been located inside Latino Community. The center was started with a U.S. Department of Education community technology grant, and programming was later expanded with the support of several SBC Excelerator grants. Now a part of OCCC's noncredit offerings, the center's courses help prepare students both for the workplace and to enter college level classes at OCCC.

The OCCC Capitol Hill Center serves over 300 individuals annually through its course offerings, and welcomes visits from approximately 10,000 individuals annually who utilize the resources offered.