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Laptop and Notebook 

Tackling the Technology in Your College Courses

As a student at OCCC, you will often be asked to use computers and other technology in your courses. If you find that fact alarming, don’t worry! We’re here to help you pick up the skills you need to succeed. And the best part is that once you've graduated these skills will transfer directly into the workplace, making you better prepared in your career.

The resources below will help you brush up on your tech skills, develop some good habits for organizing your files and emails, and help with your success at OCCC. 

Using Your Student Email 

Not sure how to use your email? Looking for tips on contacting your instructor? Want to set your email to come directly to your phone? Start here!


Did you know that as an OCCC Student you get free access to Microsoft Office? Everything you need to know about installing Office, using OneDrive and Office365, and keeping your files organized can be found here

The Internet

It's more than just pictures of cats doing funny things! Learn about using the Internet to help you succeed in your courses and stay safe while doing so.


What's Moodle? Moodle is OCCC's Learning Management System - a tool to deliver course content, grades, and other resources to students online. Check out the Moodle Support page for information on using Moodle in your Online and On-Campus courses, and browse the Knowledge Base for even more info!