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A CLT Consultation

The CLT provides consultation services to all faculty who teach at Oklahoma City Community College. The CLT team members can help with your efforts in many areas. A few of these areas are identified below.

Identified content discussions — Faculty can discuss a particular section, unit, or chapter of content in which student historically don't perform well or faculty are uncomfortable with the present method of instruction. This discussion could include the consideration of new teaching strategies or the reorganization of content to provide support to the students as they grapple with the difficult content.

Investigating instructional technology — The CLT has faculty learning spaces and team members dedicated to providing time for faculty members to investigate new technologies before utilizing them in a class. CLT team members are available for one-on-one mentoring and can be available for faculty support in the classroom as faculty begin using the technology in the classes, if desired.

Faculty & departmental support -Teaching is a time consuming and often challenging task. We realize the time and energy that is required. If you need research done in preparation for a grant or in preparation for integrating a new technology or strategy, we are here to help! Just visit with one of the CLT team members and outline your needs.

Discussing teaching and learning — It's easy to become isolated within our content areas and even into our own offices! Please know the CLT has several areas where you and colleagues can meet to discuss specified topics in learning circles or committees or you can informally visit with the team or other faculty members over a cup of coffee.

Course design -The CLT team includes members with expertise in course and instructional design. As considerations are being made to redesign or reorganize a course, the CLT team can assist with the task as well as redesigning assessments or other assignments.

Learning management system — The CLT team provides assistance to faculty as they work to provide students with course content within the College's Learning Management System (LMS). The team provides formal training sessions on use of the LMS and related instructional strategies as well as providing faculty support when issues arise.

Continued professional growth — As faculty members continue to grow and research the craft of teaching, the CLT can provide support and resources during that process. The supports provided faculty members are formal instruction and andragogy sessions, training on the College's LMS, and other instructional technologies. In addition to these larger sessions, confidential individual faculty consultations are also available for faculty to discuss teaching and learning.

Classroom data collection — As class sizes fluctuate, it is sometimes difficult to fully observe all student interactions with the designed lesson or activity. Members of the CLT are available to come in to observe and record requested student reactions or actions during a particular learning activity. The observations are then provided to the faculty member to analyze and inform instructional decisions related to that learning experience.

To request an individual consultation call the CLT at 682.7838.