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New to Moodle?

  start buttonMoodle isn't just for online classes any longer!  There are features in Moodle that can help communicate your expectations to students as well as assist their efforts to be aware of their grade in your course.  

Not sure where or how to get started?  You've come to the right place! Below you'll find resources to help you as you navigate Moodle as well as learning how to use the features that are expected to be used in all OCCC courses. 

Starting a Semester in Moodle

Getting Started in Moodle

Beginning in Moodle in an On Campus Class

Beginning with Moodle in an Online Class

Navigating Moodle

Adding a Resource or Activity to Your Moodle Course

Adding a Syllabus

Adding Attendance to Your Course

Setting Up a Moodle Gradebook


During the Semester

Taking Attendance in Moodle

Entering a Never Attended Report


Finishing Up the Semester

Exporting and Printing Attendance Reports

Exporting and Printing the Moodle Gradebook


Check out our Moodle resources page!

For additional information, access the Moodle Resources course listed in your Moodle account. This resource contains step-by-step guides for navigating Moodle and creating course content.

The Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT) consultants are available to meet with you individually or visit with your via phone to assist as you set up your course.  Feel free to contact the Center for Learning and Teaching at or 405-682-7838.