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Moodle Resources

Learning Resources and Activities

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Moodle is a robust platform that provides many options to instructors as they work to support students as they learn.  Instructors can choose from several Moodle Resources options to present content in their courses.  There are even more diverse options available for inclusion in a course to allow students to demonstrate their learning and instructors to record a grade.



Adding an Activity or Resource to a Moodle Course

Adding Sections to Display and Organize Activities and Resources

Deleting Course Topics

Setting Up an Open Forum

Creating an Assignment (Dropbox)

Moodle Quizzes

Creating Quizzes

Settings to Preserve Quiz Integrity

Adding an H5P Activity

Connecting Connect and Moodle When Importing from a Master Course

Connect Student Instructions



Grading in Moodle


 Icon with Graded PaperOnce students submit their work in Moodle, instructors will need to grade the work submitted in Moodle, just like student work submitted in class would need to be graded. The resources below are specific to type of activity used. 






Grading Open Forums

Grading Open Forums with the Open Grader

Grading Assignments

Grading an Assignment with a Rubric

Grading Quizzes

Extra Credit in the Moodle Gradebook

Removing Attendance from the Gradebook


Supporting Student Success with Moodle

Support scrabble tilesMoodle has multiple features that can support students as they work to stay on task and accomplish the things that instructors ask them to do.  Other Moodle features allow instructors the option to be flexible in extreme student circumstances when students' lives don't allow them to meet our course deadlines and timelines.  There are options to support our students while maintaining high expectations for our students.


Activity Completion Settings

Deleting a Quiz Attempt

Assignment Extensions


Moodle Student Guide & Moodle Improvements Guide

an open book The Moodle Guides are more in-depth than the targeted resources on this page. If you want to get an overview of what students need to know, check out the Moodle Student Guide. The Moodle Improvements guide keeps you up to speed on recent updates and improvements to Moodle.



Moodle Student Guide

Spring 2021 Moodle Improvements


Final Grades and Never Attended Reports

pen and paperNever Attended and Final Grades are two required reports that are submitted through Moodle. If you need a step-by-step guide to submitting these reports, you have come to the right place! Also below, you will find a handy guide to exporting and printing your Moodle gradebook, which also includes tips for formatting the spreadsheet.  


Entering Final Course Grades in Moodle

Exporting and Printing the Gradebook

Creating a Digital Copy of the Final Grades Submission Page

Entering a Never Attended Report in Moodle


Course Copying and Maintenance


In this section, you will find guides dealing with course maintenance, including routine tasks like importing course content, converting documents to various formats, backing up course content, using course logs to glean information about student access, and ensuring accessibility of your digital materials.



Video - Importing a Master Course into an Active Section

Copying Course Content

Extending a Moodle Assignment Deadline

Converting Documents to PDF and RTF Format

Backing up a Moodle Course

Using Logs to Verify Student Course Access

Making Moodle Course Content Accessible

Removing a Grade Override in the Gradebook

Grading Moodlerooms Forums with the Moodlerooms Grader

Adding an H5P Interactive Resource 



a calculator laying on graph paper

In this section, you will find resources related to the creation and maintenance of quizzes in Moodle, including adding user overrides to give individual users different parameters than other users, and deleting quiz attempts.




Adding a User Override to a Quiz

Deleting a Quiz Attempt

Video - Grading a Quiz in Moodle

Preserving Quiz Integrity in Moodle

Printing a Moodle Quiz


Turnitin Guides

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In this section, you will find resources related to Turnitin, which is a valuable feedback tool for students. Below, there are guides geared toward both instructors and students alike, answering many of the most common Turnitin questions, as well as delving into more advanced features that Turnitin offers. 



Turnitin Instructor Guide

Turnitin Student Guide - How Do I Submit an Assignment to Turnitin

Turnitin Student Guide - How Do I Revise a Rough Draft with Turnitin

Turnitin Student Guide - How Do I View My Grade in Turnitin

Turnitin Student Guide - How Do I Complete a Peermark Assignment

Using Shared Rubrics in Turnitin