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How do I Use Respondus to Proctor My Test?

I want to use Respondus to proctor my test.  Where do I start?

In order to use Respondus to administer your test, you must email the CLT at so that Respondus can be added to your course. 

In your email please include:

  • Class Name (Biology I)
  • Course and Section Number (ex. BIO-1113-MW05F)
  • If you plan to use Respondus Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor or just the lockdown browser.  If you aren't quite sure yet, that's OK - state that in your email.

What is Respondus and What Does it Do?

Respondus is an exam proctoring software that your instructor has chosen to use for your quiz or exam.  The video below will provide you with an overview of the software and the settings required for you to use Respondus and Respondus Monitor to proctor your exam.


Instructor Respondus Overview and Settings


How do I access the Respondus Report for my Exams?

You can access the report from a Respondus exam in the Respondus LockDown Browser dashboard.  You will click on the title of the exam and select Class Results from the dropdown menu in front of the title of the exam.  PLEASE NOTE:  The Class Results report takes a while to process.  It may be 12-24 hrs after an exam has been taken before the Class Results report is available to you.  


Accessing the Respondus Exam Report


What do my Students Experience when They Use Respondus? 

It is strongly encouraged for you to watch the student videos to be able answer questions from your students about how to use Respondus to take an exam.

Additionally, there is a Moodle resource available which contains student information and practice exams using the Respondus Browser. This resource can be imported to into your section, just like the Moodle Mini-Orientation. To request this content for your section, email let us know the course and section numbers where you would like this content imported.