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Adjunct Observation Instrument 

Criterion One - Presentation of Content

One of the primary roles of an instructor is the communication of course content.  Each of OCCC's courses have course objectives and a desired depth to which the course content should be taught.  A key element of helping ensure students learn the course content at the desired level and pace is to maximize the time spent on the tasks for the day.  The Seven Good Principles for Undergraduate Education calls this element "Emphasizing Time on Task".  

For the OCCC Adjunct Observation Instrument some practices the observers will be wanting to identify are:

  • Instructor appears well prepared
  • Instruction begins in a timely manner
  • Content is presented in an organized fashion
  • Evidence of established routines and practices
  • Content is presented at a collegiate level with proper student supports
  • Examples are provided that are relevant to the students' experience and background knowledge


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