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Adjunct Observation Instrument 

Criterion Seven - Encourages Contact Between Faculty and Students

Most students desire to have a connection with their instructor.  Research shows that the stronger the interaction between a student and the instructor, the more satisfied the student is with the learning experience.  Professional interactions can support the sharing of the instructors' educational experiences, and a limited amount of your interests and activities.  It's important for the students to know and understand that you have a life outside of college and realize that they have one too.  

Course-related interactions can occur in a variety of ways:

  • Personal emails
  • Course discussions with instructor input (online and on-campus)
  • Instructor videos
  • Personal feedback on assignments
  • Office hours - virtually or in person 

Observers will be looking to find evidence related to the instructor:

  • Knowing and using student names
  • Contacting students if they miss class or an assignment without notice or explanation
  • Soliciting student feedback
  • Welcoming incorrect answers and correcting them via constructive and respectful feedback


Identified Resources

Chapter 2, “Building Rapport With Students” from Teaching Strategies for the College Classroom:  A Collection of Faculty Articles (Weimer, 2013) This book is available in the Center for Learning and Teaching.

Meaningful Learning Through One-on-One Conferences

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