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Adjunct Observation Instrument 

Criterion Three - Encourages Active Learning

We have learned that learning is not a passive activity.  Learning is fostered by the person interacting with the content in some way.  This interaction could be creating a project, discussing the content with a classmate, making a presentation, or writing reflectively about the learning.  The learning is strengthened when it can be applied directly to the learner's experiences or to their area of study.  

Observers will be looking to find evidence related to:

  • Student-friendly guidelines are available to students regarding expected levels of participation and collaboration
  • Encourages students to play an active role in their learning process
  • Opportunities are provided to students to interact with their peers and instructor
  • Provides opportunities for students to critique and reflect upon certain topics
  • Uses thought-provoking questions to engage students
  • Provides opportunities for students to interact with each other as they work to learn the content


Identified Resources

Active Learning:  A Practical Guide for College Faculty (Magna Publications, 2017)  This book is available in the Center for Learning and Teaching.

Three Active Learning Strategies You Can Do in 10 Minutes or Less

Deeper Thinking About Active Learning

Low-Risk Strategies to Promote Active Learning in Large Classes