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Adjunct Observation Instrument 

Criterion Two - Communicates High Expectations

Research tells us that the single most influential person in a student's educational life is the instructor.  Having an instructor that has high expectations for students is important in helping them reach their potential.  When instructors expect more, they often get it.  Expecting students to perform well is often a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Observers will be looking to find evidence related to:

  • course and unit objectives are clearly communicated
  • directions and due dates are clearly presented
  • instructional materials are used well to promote student engagement
  • assignments are clearly related to course and unit objectives
  • examples of desired work are provided (when appropriate)
  • clear and specific grading criteria are provided


Identified Resources

The Pygmalion Effect: Communicating High Expectations 

Expectations, Underestimates, and Realities

Simple Strategies for Promoting Student Academic Success