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Zoom Resources

The CLT Team has identified some resources that can be useful for using Zoom in your courses. 


Recording a Webcam Video Using Zoom

These resources are focused on the steps used to record, caption, and add a video to your Moodle course using a Zoom Pro account. If you do not have a Zoom Pro account, please email

Setting up Your Zoom Pro Account


Recording a Captioned Video Using Zoom


Adding Your Webcam Video to Moodle



Presenting with Zoom

How to Zoom laptopUse Zoom


Getting Started with Zoom 


Zoom Best Practices


How to Use Zoom for Remote and Online Learning


Zoom Basics - Using Zoom for Classes and Meetings


How to Teach Online with Zoom:  Complete Introduction


Zoom - 10 Common Challenges and Their Solutions


Using Zoom to Teach Online


In-depth Guide: Using Zoom to Teach Online Class Sessions


Additional Resources

How to Test Zoom Video


How to Test Zoom Audio


Zoom FAQ Page