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Subaru University

As vehicles become more technically advanced, the need for highly skilled technicians continues to increase. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the number of qualified technicians needed nationwide will rise to around 780,000 by the year 2024, representing a 5% YOY increase in demand. With the current technician force moving closer to retirement, the opportunities for a technician with the right qualifications are substantial. Every manufacturer and independent, quick service, and specialty shop are competing for the limited amount of resources out there. As Subaru continues to grow at the fastest rate in the industry, the need for qualified technicians in our service departments is ever more present. How is Subaru responding to this issue? The answer to that is Subaru University (Subaru-U).

Subaru-U is a partnership between select NATEF/AYES schools and Subaru of America. It was developed as a response to the ever-increasing need for new technicians to enter the retailer service centers. By mentoring a student, the retailer has the opportunity to teach them the soft skills required to succeed in the workforce. By allowing participating schools to provide the basic technical skills, Subaru to provide the manufacturer specific training, and the retailer to provide the real world experience, Subaru Service Centers the ability to grow their own technicians.

Subaru provides access to the Subaru Learning Management System (LMS) for instructors and students of accredited NATEF programs. This allows all of the students to participate in Subaru’s Web-Based Training (WBT) and take our Level 2 test out for technicians at the completion of their program. Students that do get sponsored at a Subaru retailer are also eligible for training at any one of our 12 Area Training Centers nationwide. Other benefits of the program will be announced as they become available.

Subaru University