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Arbor Day 2019

Arbor Day

Wednesday, April 24, 11:00 am to 2:00 pm in the College Union Foyer
Tree planting ceremony at 2:10 p.m. in a location to be determined.

Tree Giveaway

Tiny leaf Would you like to win a FREE tree? Our friends at Sorghum Mill Christmas Tree and Blackberry Farm in northeast Edmond will give you your choice from a selection of trees! Simply guess the number of trees on the OCCC campus. The closest guess to the actual number will win a tree. In the event of a tie, a drawing will determine the winner. The winner can then pick up their tree at Sorghum Mill.

Tree Planting

Tiny leaf Signature Landcare has graciously donated a tree that will be planted between the library and the Main Building at 2:10 pm.

Information Booths:

Tiny leaf OCCC Green Tips - Do you live a green life? Learn how you can make some small changes to help our environment.
Tiny leaf Tree Campus USA - The Tree Campus USA®program helps colleges and universities around the country establish and sustain healthy community forests.
Tiny leaf Carbon Footprint Commitment - Pledge to reduce your carbon footprint and your name will join the rest of our employees and students who are pledging to live a greener life!
Tiny leaf Arbor Day T-Shirts - Participate in Arbor Day and you will receive an awesome Arbor Day t-shirt! (While supplies last) Thanks to our t-shirt sponsor OG&E!
Tiny leaf OG&E Energy Saving Tree Program - Learn about OG&E's efforts to encourage tree planting while preserving power lines. Sign up to have a free tree delivered right to your home!
Tiny leaf Meet Tree Bear! - Snap a pic with the Oklahoma State Forestry Mascot Tree Bear.
Tiny leaf OCCC Arbor Day buttons - Pick up a free Arbor Day button to wear!
Tiny leaf OCCC Recycles! -  Learn about how OCCC recycles and the do's and don'ts for recycling at home. 
Tiny leaf Free Tree Consultation - Do you have a tree, and you don't know what it is? Would you like some tips on how to care for your trees? Bring photos or leaves from the tree and receive expert advice provided by Arbor Masters Tree Service. PLUS, enter to win a free 2018 spring deep root fertilization for up to 5 trees!
Tiny leaf Advantages of Having Trees - Pick up a fact sheet and learn all about trees in Oklahoma. Learn how trees benefit us and the planet.
Tiny leaf OCCC Standard: Service, Honor, Kindness - Images of the OKC National Memorial Survivor Elm and the OCCC tree grafted from it will be displayed. If you wish, you can share your thoughts about this tragedy.
Tiny leaf OCCC Energy Conservation - Learn how OCCC is doing our part to conserve energy.
Tiny leaf OCCC Library - Visit the pop-up OCCC Library and learn about trees, recycling, and living a green lifestyle.
Tiny leaf OCCC / EMBARK - One way to conserve energy is to make use of Oklahoma City's bus system. Learn how students and employees can benefit from this.
 Tiny leaf
 - Generously provided by OCCC Student Life!
Tiny leaf PLAY ARBOR DAY BINGO  - Play Arbor Day Bingo by visiting the various booths and you will be entered to win one of two Planet Fitness 1-year memberships! Thanks to Planet Fitness for their donation.