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OCCC’s campus will remain open so students can access core services in person, including free WiFi, huddle stations, library, computers and labs. Some hands-on courses will continue to have on-campus instruction. Faculty will be available to you on-campus. Most classes scheduled for Fall will be conducted online.

Masks are required in shared, open areas.

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Alumni and Friends

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Dr. Sechrist

I trust that your life's journey following your college experience at OCCC or South Oklahoma City Junior College has been worthwhile and successful. You are part of a group of over 20,000 graduates from this College, and this number grows by about 1,000 each year.

Your alma mater is now in its 46th year of operation, and has grown to be the fourth largest college or university in the state of Oklahoma with annual enrollment of 22,000 students.

If you have not visited the College in a while, you may not recognize it. OCCC’s tremendous growth over the past few years becomes apparent to all as soon as the campus comes into view. We have added a number of buildings in recent years, including a four-story Library with a clock tower, a Science, Engineering, and Math building, a Health Professions building, the John Massey Center which now houses our Human Resources and Finance offices, the Visual & Performing Arts Center, and perhaps most impressive of all, our 1,085-seat Visual & Performing Arts Center Theater which opened to excellent reviews and has already played host to numerous cultural events for the College and the community. A large pond, with walking trails on the corner of SW 74th and May Avenue provides a beautiful entrance to the main campus.

These new facilities provide the tools for our outstanding faculty and staff to serve the increasing number of students who attend OCCC. The College has experienced remarkable success through the years, increasing enrollment, serving students well, and partnering with the community to create a better future for central Oklahoma.

We are extremely proud of the alumni who are a part of OCCC's history and its future. We look forward to staying in touch with you. I encourage you to join the OCCC Association of Alumni and Friends and stay engaged with your school.

I wish you continued success in all your endeavors. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Dr. Jerry Steward
OCCC President