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GED Classes

GED classes are taught through the OCCC Family and Community Education Center, 6500 S. Land Avenue, 405-682-7873.  For information about GED classes please contact the Family and Community Education Center.

GED classes are designed to prepare students for the GED test. A practice GED test will be given during the class. The contents of the test are as follows:

Language Arts, Writing - Part I
Multiple-choice; Covers sentence structure, usage, and mechanics; Covers informational documents (passages); Covers business communications (letters, memos, reports, applications, etc.); Covers "How to" texts (e.g. dressing for success, leasing a car, planning a trip, etc.).

Language Arts, Writing - Part II
Expository topic essay: The three item types (correction, revision, and construction shift) will remain the same; Covers sentence structure, usage, and mechanics; Covers organization - transitions, text divisions, topic sentences, and unity/coherence.

Social Studies
Multiple-choice in sets and single items; Measures comprehension, application, analysis, and evaluation; Covers history, geography, civics, government, and economics; National, global, and adult contexts; Text and visual sources.

Multiple-choice in sets and single items; Text and visual sources; Integrated with National Science Education Content Standards; Earth science includes space science; Physical science includes physics and chemistry; Increased focus on environmental and health topics (recycling, heredity, disease prevention, pollution, climate) and on science's relevance to everyday life;

Language Arts, Reading
Multiple-choice in sets and single items; Text covers diversity - gender, ethnicity, age, region; Passages range from 300-400 words on test; Covers test content areas: Literary and Nonfiction; Covers comparison/contrast questions,

Multiple-choice in sets and single items; Measures algebra, geometry, number relations, and data analysis.

The ABE/GED classes are designed to work primarily with students who need to improve their reading skills before preparing for the GED test.

The ESL/ADV classes are designed for students who wish to improve their English speaking skills.

The ESL/BEG classes are designed for beginning English speaking students.

Who can enroll in the classes?

Students must be 18 years of age. (If 16 or 17, the students will need to obtain a notarized special permission form which requires the signature of a parent or guardian and a school administrator in order to enroll in the classes.)

How do I enroll in the classes?

Go to OCCC Family and Community Education Center at 6500 Land Avenue.

Bring your ID and fill out a GED enrollment form.

Morning, afternoon and night classes are offered, several times per year. They are usually free of charge and books are provided in class.

How to study for the GED Test

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  Steck-Vaughn GED Test Prep
  Online Practice for GED, ACT, TOEFEL & CLEP

Math Practice

  The World of Math Online
  Math Search
  Math Goodies
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  Purple Math

Studying and Test Taking Tips