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Digital Cinema Production

Digital Cinema Production Degrees from Oklahoma City Community College

Enjoy hands-on filmmaking classes in the best-equipped filmmaking facility in the region, complete with a 6,000-square-foot sound stage and cutting-edge cameras, equipment and filmmakers.

  • Overview
    Francis Ford Coppola’s Distant Vision 
    A Live Cinema Workshop

    Start your film career by completing this online admissions application to OCCC.

  • Overview
    Francis Ford Coppola’s Distant Vision 
    A Live Cinema Workshop

    Start your film career by completing this online admissions application to OCCC.

  • Highlights

    Best Sound Stage and Film / Video Equipment in the Region 

    Experience: The Studio  
      Experience: Red One   
      Experience One
      Experience: Red Epic  
    Experience Epic  
      Experience: AF-100   
      Experience AF
      Experience: Canon 5D  
    Experience 5D  
      Experience: HVX   
      Experience HVX
  • Degree Options

    Digital Cinema ProductionDigital Cinema Production Degrees at Oklahoma City Community College

    Love films, filmmaking, video production, sound editing, screenwriting or the many other skills required in the movie industry? You can choose from three film and video production degrees available at Oklahoma City Community College:

    Every OCCC film and video production student completes several short film projects, including a 15-30 minute feature or documentary – as a capstone project. (Check out some Oklahoma City Community College student films).
  • Courses

    Digital Cinema ProductionDigital Cinema Production Classes at Oklahoma City Community College

    Oklahoma City Community College offers a film school deeply rooted in hands-on film production classes where you study with faculty who actively work in the film and video industry. If you love filmmaking, in addition to learning the theories and art behind all films, then our film school in the heart of Oklahoma City is for you.

    Our professors devote at least half of every class
    to hands-on learning. Highlights from OCCC film production and video production classes include:

      Cinematography I and II, including labs
      Film sound
      Film production design
      Film production and business
      Film editing and digital effects
      Film sound editing
      Documentary Filmmaking
      Capstone Project

    Our online course catalog features full details on OCCC’s film and video production degree requirements and film school class descriptions. Because of the hands-on nature of these film programs, there are no online courses.

  • Faculty


    Professor Gray Frederickson




    Gray Frederickson - Oklahoma native, and Emmy and Academy Award winning Producer, Gray Frederickson is FVP's Artist in Residence. Known best for producing "The Godfather" trilogy, "Apocalypse Now," and "The Outsiders," Gray has also written the original story for "Bad Girls." Most recently and while on faculty at OCCC, Gray has been Executive Producer of OCCC's summer film elective "Just Crazy Enough" starring Chris Kattan.

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    Professor Greg Mellott


    Greg Mellott - Professor Greg Mellott comes from a career of writing and producing in Hollywood and Asia, and has a long friendship with OCCC's artist-in-residence, Gray Frederickson. He has also won an Emmy in 2008 for a documentary he wrote and directed, "Dream No Little Dream," on the life of Robert S. Kerr. Most recently, he wrote and directed "The Grand Energy Transition," with crew composed of graduates and/or current students of the FVP program.

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    Professor Sean Lynch


    Sean Lynch - Professor Lynch, who is also a graduate of OCCC's Digital Cinema Production program, began in the Oklahoma film industry in the art department on many films such as "Bringing Up Bobby" and "The Killer Inside Me," and who has written and produced "Unsolved" as well as most recently written and produced OCCC's summer film elective "Just Crazy Enough" starring Chris Kattan.

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  • After OCCC

    Digital Cinema ProductionDigital Cinema Production Careers

    Remember, careers in film and video production expand well beyond feature films:

    • Commercials
    • Documentary films
    • Short films
    • Animated films
    • Industrial or workplace training films
    • Music videos
    • Educational videos
    • Comedy videos
    • Online videos
    • Video resumes
    • News reporting and shows
    • TV shows of all kinds

    Within each of these film and video profession venues, you’ll find these kinds of jobs:

    • Director
    • Producer
    • Business manager
    • Screenwriter or script writer
    • Film production manager
    • Film editor
    • Line editor
    • Video production technician
    • Video production assistant
    • Camera operator
    • Camera assistant
    • Lighting technician
    • Sound technician or sound editor
    • Set designer or prop master