Tonja Nelson

Writing Center Assistant

Tonja Nelson

Tonja graduated Oklahoma City Community College in May 2009 with a degree in business. Prior to graduation, Tonja's love for helping fellow students directed her towards the Writing Center. Starting as a work study tutor in the Writing Center on February 12, 2007, she was promoted to Lab Assistant in October of 2008. A wife and mother of three beautiful children, Tonja aspires to one day attain a Bachelor's degree and own a business.



Joshua Shultz

Writing Center Assistant 

Writing Center Assistant Josh Shultz

Joshua has been working in the Writing Center since May 2012.  He began as a tutor and worked his way up to a Lab Assistant.  He graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2011 with Bachelor’s degrees in both Political Science and Philosophy.  He loves reading philosophy books, keeping up with current events, and watching as much OU football as possible.  You never know what kind of topic he will bring up in the lab, no matter how disinterested his co-workers appear.  That’s all part of the fun!  





Stacia Carbajal graduated from OCCC in May of 2017 with and Associate’s degree in science. She is currently at UCO for Elementary Education, as she feels that teaching is one of the best ways to influence the lives of others.

Kaitlyn Bottoms is graduated in the summer of 2019 with two degrees in Visual Arts and Digital Media Design from OCCC. She is working on building a portfolio for a career in animation and may pursue a Bachelor’s at OU. 

Spencer Grant recently earned a BfA from The University of Oklahoma in Western and Art History. He plans to pursue a Master's degree in Art History next, and works part time as an English tutor.

Phillip Fry has a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Oklahoma State. In the future he plans to attend graduate school and pursue service with the PeaceCorps. 

Lillian Eades is currently studying Psychology at OCCC. She hopes to attain an Anthropology degree from OU in the future and dreams of being an Archaeologist one day. 

Dalton Farr is currently earning his Associate's Degree in the Liberal Arts and plans to go on to study languages, history, religion, and mythology at a university after graduation.

Lizeth Torres is a Modern Language/Spanish major at OCCC in the graduating class of 2019. She plans to become a certified translator, along with pursuing a bachelor's degree in English/literary and cultural studies from OU in hopes that she will be able to better engage with her community and abroad.

Ezekiel Eckart originally attended OCCC. to obtain his Emergency Medical Technician Basic certifications. Later, he decided to come back to OCCC after working as a Firefighter and EMT to pursue another dream and earn a degree as an Associate in Arts with a Minor in Humanities and Liberal Studies. One day he hopes to be a creative writing teacher.

Hung Tran is an international student from Vietnam, pursuing his second degree in Business at OCCC; his first major is Public Relations. He is planning to achieve a bachelor degree in Business at UCO. 

Estefhani Martinez is currently studying at OCCC to major in humanities for an associate degree. In the future, she plans to earn her Master’s degree in UCO to teach English as a second language internationally.

Sergio Martinez is pursuing a Associate's Degree in Political Science before transferring to an out of state university to pursue a M.A in Political Science. He hopes to one day pursue a career in politics, in an effort to better serve and represent the community by being an agent of change. 

Front Desk Assistants:

Shane Presley has been attending OCCC since the beginning of the 2017 fall semester. He is working towards an Associate’s in the Health Profession. He is easy going, easy to get along with, and likes helping people.

Sarah Willis is pursuing an associates in Computer Science with a focus on Management Information Systems and may pursue a bachelors at OCU. She hopes to work her way to a corporate job where she can manage larger groups of people and have more job growth opportunities.