ESL Conversation Groups

The ESL Conversation Group is a fun, safe, student – centered group that helps strengthen the self-esteem, fluency and cultural awareness of English Language Learners at OCCC

 A message from the ESL Conversation Group Leader:

“Our fear stems from our want to understand but our inability to do so; therefore, with anything that we don’t really understand or anything that makes us somewhat uncomfortable, we tend to avoid it. It is my theory that improving the self-esteem of ESL students through drama and peer support will not only help them build confidence but also motivate them to speak English more often outside of school” -Lydia Rucker 

Previous Conversation Groups

ESL Conversation Group

Left Rossana Mas (Cuba) and Right Naomi Septier (Argentina) 

ESL Conversation Group

Conversation Group practices the art of “Small Talk” and “Non- Verbal Communication”

ESL Conversation Group

The ESL conversation group with visitors from the Adult Learning Center.

Student Testimony

Luz Dary Fleenor

Colombia in South America

 "It is wonderful to find people who help ESL students like me," she said.


Thuong Ngo

Attended the conversation groups for two years


"I think I have improved a lot, Lydia and the other leaders help me improve my pronunciation, and we have fun times with the games and activities. It helps perfect my English."

Dr. Elena Collins

 “Before this semester I had never spoken in a group. When there were many people, I was quiet. Now I am more confident with myself in speaking to a group”