How Do I Learn Best? 

Just as there are different types of people, there are different strategies that allow each of us to learn. These strategies can be grouped in a variety of categories.  Have you ever taken the time to determine which way(s) you learn best?  

Learning Style Inventory

While we all can learn in many ways, there are ways in which we can learn that can make it easier for us to learn the content we are attempting to learn.  If you learn the new content in your preferred learning style, it can make it a bit easier. 

One quick inventory that we use at OCCC to help students determine their preferred learning style is the VARK.  You can take the  VARK Inventory and get the results almost immediately.


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The VARK categorizes learning styles and strategies into four categories.  

Many of these strategies allow you to manipulate the content you are given either from a textbook or a lecture.  If you have questions about these strategies, please contact a member of the VLC Team.


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