Using Folders to Save Your Homework 

Here’s a quick look at creating folders on your computer to keep your schoolwork organized. These directions are written for a PC, but the process is very similar on a Mac as well.

First, open the File Explorer or Finder (Mac) and browse to the area in which you wish to create your school folder.  Documents is a good location, but use whatever works for you.  

Opening Documents Folder

Next, right click (ctrl + click on a Mac) in the blank area and select New Folder.

Right click in the blank area

Select folder from the menu

The new folder will appear, and allow you to enter a name for it. Call this folder something like “OCCC”, “Homework”, or whatever you think will help you remember it.

A new folder appears

Double-click this folder to open it. You can then repeat the above steps to create folder for each of your courses within this folder.

folders named according to class

Consistently using these folders to save your files will make finding them later a snap!



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