Brain and Puzzle Do you find yourself looking for that missing piece of information? 

You know the one.  That fact, process, or information that you remember hearing but can't remember all the details.  You find yourself sorting through the hard drive of your brain trying to remember where you stored that information!  

Metacognition is a fancy word that means being aware of how you learn. Being aware of how you learn can help you as you learn new information and help you store correct information in your brain as you learn it.  The study hacks below can help you learn efficiently and make you aware of your learning at the same time. 

Study Hack #1:

As you begin reading your text before you go to class, think about what you already know.  What have you learned previously that will help you as you learn?

Think about having to drive someplace new.  If you are taking a road that you travel previously to go to a different destination, it won't be as challenging to arrive at the new destination.  Your previous learning is the same way. 

Study Hack #2:

What's the muddiest point?  Make a list of the things that are the least clear to you.  

Once you have that list:

  • Do additional reading or research to get additional information
  • Discuss the topic with your classmates
  • Discuss the points with your professor to get additional clarification

Study Hack #3: 

After you have read or have attended class, think about what you learned.  What do you know now that you didn't know before?  Write that down or highlight it in your notes.  This sentence could be as simple as the one below.

Before I read (attended class) I thought........  Now I think......

Study Hack #4:

After an exam, write a brief note to yourself that answers the questions below.  

  • What did you do that worked well for you?  
  • How did you feel as you walked into the exam?
  • How did you feel when you left?
  • What would you change when you study for the next exam? 

Write this note in your Notes area of your phone, email it to yourself, or write in on paper.  Wherever you choose to write it, keep it.  Look back at it as you move into the next unit.  

Looking for more study hacks?  

We're here to help you! 

The VLC has multiple resources and opportunities available to provide assistance to you. 

  • Study Hacks - Do you wish that someone could help you look at things and see how you could spend your time more efficiently and get better results?  Contact the VLC to schedule a time that works best with you! During that time you'll visit with a team member who can help you see if you might be able to spend less time and still improve your grade!
  • Tech Support -Do you have the tech blues?  Contact the VLC for some help. 
  • Note Taking - Is taking notes in class hard for you?  Do you wish you could capture all that is being said in class in a way that makes sense when you get home to study?  Check out Cornell notes! Come to a session or come in and visit with a team member to get started. 
  • Test Anxiety - Do taking tests stress you out?  Do the questions seem tricky and hard to understand? We have some resources available to help you!
  • Reading a College Textbook - How to plow through the material and make sense of it all.
  • Organizing Strategies to De-Stress Your Days

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