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Creating a Rule to Sort Your Email

Creating a Rule to Sort Your Email

It is possible to create a rule in your student email account so that mail sent from your instructors can be sorted into separate folders automatically. This can be helpful to quickly locate emails sent by your instructors without sorting through your entire inbox.

To create such a rule, first log in to your student email account. From your inbox, select the gear icon in the upper right corner of the page, and select the Options link from the menu that loads:

Selecting Options form the menu
In the left pane, select Inbox and sweep rules:

Inbox and sweep rules highlighted

In the Inbox rules menu, select the + sign to begin adding a new rule:

The plus sign on the left
Add a descriptive Name for the rule:

Adding a name
In the When the message arrives, and it matches all of these conditions dropdown menu, select It was sent or received and then Received from…

selecting It was sent or received and Recieved from
This will load a search menu. In this menu, click the >> symbol:

selecting the <<
Next, select Directory:

selecting Directory
Type your instructor’s name in the Search Directory field and press the enter key:

name entered

This will load a list containing everyone who meets your search criteria. Locate your instructor in this list, and click the + sign next to their entry:

Plus sign next to name
Click OK in the upper left corner of the pane:

Ok in upper left
Next, in the Do all of the following menu, select highlight Move, copy, or delete and select Move the message to folder:
Move, copy delete, then Move the message to the folder
This will load a list of all of the folders in your inbox.

all folders shown
If you have not already created a folder for your class you can do so in this menu. To do this, right-click on the Inbox heading and select Create new subfolder:

Create a new subfolder menu

This will load a blank field. Enter the name of the course in that field and press enter. This will create a new folder with your course’s name. Select that folder and click OK:

New folder and OK button
Next, click OK in the top right of the pane:

OK in top right
This will create the rule. Now, any email you receive from the instructor you selected will automatically be placed in the folder you indicated.

You can repeat the above steps to setup up sorting rules for your other courses, if desired.

The next resource will show you how to setup email on your phone or device.


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