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Email Attachments

File Attachments

Some emails you receive may have files attached to them, or you may want to send a file yourself. This section will tell you everything you need to know about email attachments.

You can quickly identify whether or not someone has added an attachment to an email they’ve sent you by looking at the middle pane. Emails which include an attachment are marked with a paper clip icon.

paperclip icon

Selecting the email will show more information about the attachment in the right pane.

attachment information displayed, Filename and size

Here we see the name of the file, the file type, and the file size. Clicking the attachment here will allow you to view or save the file, depending on its type. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: A common way to get viruses on your computer is through email attachments. If you do not know the person who sent the attachment, do not open it. If you were not expecting an attachment, or if it is not explained in the email message why the attachment is there, do not open it. If you are not sure whether or not you should open the attachment, do not open it. You can always contact the help desk at 682-7777 for assistance in determining whether or not and attachment is legitimate. Find more info about Email Security here.

To add a file attachment to an email you are sending, select Attach above the To field on the compose message screen.

Attach option


If you are using OneDrive, at list of files in your account will appear.

One drive menu

You can simply select the file from this area to attach it.

If the file is on your computer’s hard drive, select Computer from the left menu. This will allow you to browse the files on your computer. Locate the file you wish to upload and double click it.

file in PC folder

You will then be prompted to Upload and attach as a OneDrive file, or Attach as a copy. Select Attach as copy.

Attach as copy 

And that’s it!

File attached!

The file is now attached, and will be included with your email.

One last import note. If you are emailing a file to someone, be sure to mention in your email message why you’ve included the file and what it contains.

Continue on to read more about Netiquette.


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